ShelfMax Bin

Brand: Akro-Mils


ShelfMax Bin

  • $5.29

Offering 85% more storage than traditional 4" versions, these bins contain a front opening that is 3/4" higher than comparable 6" products. They also feature reinforced side ribs with a rolled ridge to help bolster their durability. Other features include large label areas and built-in, rear-hang locks for easy content identification and access. Bins work with Akro-Mils® steel and wire shelving as well as pick and bench racks. _x00D_ _x00D_ _x00D_ Related Products: Bench Racks, Shelf Bin Dividers, Super-Size AkroBins_x00D_ _x00D_ _x00D_
Models & UOM

Model Number: 30040, 30090, 30010, 30080