OBBCO Winter Essentials

Jan 03 2020

Winter is a trying time for those of us working outside or in industrial areas. The cold weather makes for brittle hands, teary eyes and general discomfort on the job. Knowing how difficult the elements are, OBBCO stocks products that provide ample warmth and protection from the extreme temperatures! 

When looking for products, think about the three main parts of your body you’ll need to protect: body, face and hands. Here are our suggestions for cold weather gear to help you stay fully prepared (and warm) all winter long:

Body: Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Constructed from heavy-duty materials, this jacket from trusted maker Dewalt stands up to tough jobsite conditions while being stylish enough to wear around town. Featuring a soft, water and wind-resistant, polyester blend outer shell, it stands up to tough conditions but it’s not just a jacket-it’s a full kit! This product boasts four heating zones and includes an adapter, 20V MAX battery and charger!

This is the ultimate purchase for cold weather protection and gear that will last for years. 

Hands: Extreme Condition Insulated Cold Weather Work Glove

The productivity of you and your team doesn’t have to be negatively impacted due to freezing temperatures! In order to bypass a winter slow-down, make sure to protect one of the most critical appendages: hands. 

Constructed of multiple layers to provide resistance from the most extreme weather conditions, this glove allows workers to keep maximum dexterity for continued safety when working with high-risk tools and materials. 

Face and Head: 3-in-1 Fleece Balaclava

We all know that the best way to prevent the loss of body heat is by protecting the head, ears and face as much as possible. Do it by adding extra layers underneath a hard hat or other head coverage. 

We recommend the 3-in-1 Fleece Balaclava. It’s a versatile layer that is worn either as a full hood or as a neck gaiter, depending on the job you’re doing and the amount of visibility or mobility you need. Featuring 100% polyester fleece for plush warmth and a drawstring for a snug fit.

These are just a few of the items we offer to keep you warm on the job. Give us a call today to discuss your needs, or visit our online store!

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