3 Tools to Keep Road Crews Safe

Aug 27 2019

Reckless driving is already a major issue on the roads and adding a construction site only introduces more risks. From 2013-2016, passing vehicles were the biggest cause of injury around roadside work sites, accounting for half of all worker fatalities. Now, as we approach the most dangerous months of the year for these workers, (September and October) the OBBCO Safety team wants to outline our best tools for their protection. 

Roadside construction accidents occur due to two main reasons: low-visibility and minimal warning to drivers. With that in mind, there are three types of equipment that can overcome the obstacles. Those are signage, barricades and flaggers. Equip and train your team on how to properly use these tools and your site will become one of the safest out there. 

Signage: Clear signs positioned ahead of the site itself will notify and prepare drivers for what’s ahead. Motorists then have ample time to slow down and get comfortable in their lane. “Work Zone Ahead” signs are a signal for upcoming restrictions and new traffic patterns. Maintain signage throughout the construction site, clearly marking when it ends and when normal traffic movement can resume. 

Flaggers: Flaggers the best safety measure for construction crews on low-traffic roadways. Flaggers directly monitor traffic and help keep a steady flow, especially where only one lane is open. Their job is to funnel traffic safely from both directions. It’s essential for flaggers to be trained accordingly and must wear high-visibility or reflective clothing making them visible for 1,000 feet or more. 

Lighting: Illumination devices are a must in any low-light situation. This is both for your crew to see their work and drivers to see them. Affix your lighting along barricades that form the outer edge of the work zone. If your crew is sparse and space small, the situation may call for flares. Flares are hard to ignore, especially on dark roadways. Finally, adorn all workers with the appropriate lighting needed to properly see their work and maintain control of the equipment they operate. 

With so many distracted drivers on the road and minimal policing, work zone traffic accidents occur all too often. Don’t give motorists the chance to miss your construction site. Visit our online store to find everything you need for a fully equipped and protected team. 



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