Power Washer Safety Tips

Aug 04 2017

As we move out of summer and into the cooler months, it’s a good time to get back to those outdoor home improvement projects you may have been putting off. This is the time of year a lot of us will get out the pressure washers and beautify those houses, driveways, and office buildings. As you prepare for a job like this, keep in mind these safety tips: Chemical burns are one of the most common things that go wrong with Pressure Washer use. Plan to use high quality goggles as well as chemical-resistant gloves to protect your skin and...

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OBBCO: Continuing to Keep You Safe In 2017

Jul 07 2017

Every year OBBCO resolves to keep our customers safe by offering the highest quality safety products for homes and businesses. As we go into July, the halfway point of 2017, we want to take a moment to focus on areas of safety that typically have room for improvement. Safety Response TrainingThe hope is that an emergency won’t come up, but when it does you’ll want your employees or family members to be prepared. When was the last time you reviewed the procedures for a fire or medical emergency? A couple of quick things you can do are check to be...

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Finding Opportunities To Be More Safe During National Safety Month

Jun 13 2017 Tags: safety information

June is National Safety Month, a time geared toward raising safety awareness in many different areas. According to the National Safety Council, the goal of this month is to “raise awareness of what it takes to Keep Each Other Safe.” Essentially, we want to reduce the things that lead to death and/or injury within our community. At OBBCO, we specialize in keeping people safe. We offer the best products to prevent falls, shock, overheating, fire, chemical spills, the list goes on. This month, look around your home, your business, and even other companies and ask yourself if there are opportunities...

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Spring Safety Tips

May 05 2017 Tags: news, safety information

It’s spring time, and you’re probably working on those projects that have been building up around your home or office building. You may be using chemicals to treat yard and/or bug problems, or you may be cleaning out those gutters and cobwebs. Here are some simple ways to protect yourself as you clean and maintain your home or business. If you’re working with chemicals we recommend using chemical resistant gloves, and goggles. We have goggles for those with or without glasses, and want to be sure your eyes are always protected. If you work in an area that is prone...

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