Protect Your Respiratory System

Mar 23 2021

Eye, face and ear protection are some of the most important PPE items you can wear, and the type you need depends on the risks associated with the job at hand. In the past year, respiratory protection specifically has become a hot topic. Curious about the difference in types of respiratory protection? Keep reading to learn more.  Particulate RespiratorsThis type of respirator is extremely common, and is likely the type you’ve heard the most buzz about in the past year, due to the fact that it helps protect against infectious particles. However, they do not protect against chemicals, gases and...

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Keep Your Hands Warm

Feb 24 2021

When it’s cold outside, the first places you usually feel it are on your face, head and fingers. Unfortunately, if you are working in colder conditions, you must use your hands for the job - which means you need to keep them warm! Keeping your fingers warm lets you stay focused on the task at hand, and steady. Here are a few of our favorite products to keep your hands warm: Glove in Glove Thermal Work Glove. This glove from Dewalt is a 2-in-1 Cold Weather System using Glove-in-Glove technology to keep your hands warm and dry, while protecting you...

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Symptoms of Hypothermia + Tips for Prevention

Jan 26 2021

This past summer, we wrote about one of the more dangerous side effects of working during the hottest months of the year: heat distress. Especially when working outdoors, the temperature of your environment can affect your body’s ability to function properly. Though we are far from the hottest point in the year now, we are entering the opposite end of the spectrum: freezing temperatures. Thankfully, like heat distress, there are steps you can take to protect yourself while working outdoors in the cold. The first thing you need to equip yourself with is knowledge. Knowing the warning signs and stages...

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Stay Safe During the Holidays

Dec 21 2020

Can you believe it’s December already? Although it is a busy month for many, we also get to spread holiday cheer, relax and spend time (safely) with family. However, it also means this is the month to be a little extra cautious to keep those around you safe, especially as temperatures drop and the sun sets earlier. Here are a few ways to stay safe during the holidays: For your team:  Now that it’s the end of the year, it’s a great time to assess the safety gear provided for your team. Is anything worn, old or broken? Are there...

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