Storm Safety Tips

Sep 24 2020

Whether you are on the job site, or just out and about during a storm, you should always be mindful of potential dangers and take the precautions to keep you and your team or family safe. 

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Don't Get Left In the Dark

Aug 14 2020

Whether you’re working in a dark area like a crawl space during the daytime, or a dimly lit area at night, additional light sources can help lead the way, preventing accidents and mistakes, and helping your employees feel safer.

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The Right Shoe For The Job

Jul 13 2020

Your legs carry you where you need to go, and keeping them injury-free is important for staying safe and able to work. And since your legs are grounded by your feet, there’s no better place to start when it comes to lower-body protection. From restaurants requiring closed-toed shoes, to construction sites mandating steel-toed boots, wearing protective footwear means you can walk away injury-free even if a dangerous situation occurs. Here are a few of the protective footwear options OBBCO offers: Arctic Pro Muck Boot  These boots keep your feet warm and dry in temperatures down to -60 degrees, but are also...

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When To Use Eye Protection

Jun 24 2020

Eye protection like safety glasses and goggles are some of the top forms of PPE gear on the job. From high school chemistry classes to industrial job sites, they are essential for ensuring your eyes stay safe. Depending on the activity you are using them for, there are a variety of potential hazards where goggles and glasses can protect you. Curious about why you are required to wear them? Here are some of the most common reasons to use eye protection. Protection from burns. Both chemicals and high temperatures have the ability to cause damage to your eyes. Wearing properly...

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