Three Steps to Help Workers Beat the Heat

May 15 2019

Heat waves and droughts combined with high humidity puts outside workers at risk for heat-related illnesses. Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your team and avoid injury.

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Choosing Respiratory Safety Gear

Apr 26 2019

OBBCO stocks a wide range of respirators, from the most common “dust mask” to the highest shielding. Our experts put together a quick guide to help determine the mask best suited for you and your team.

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The Importance of Good Lighting

Apr 11 2018

Many industrial jobs require work after sunset to fix power outages, repair roads, or work on projects to avoid diverting daytime traffic. One of the most important elements for a nighttime job is one that will prevent mistakes, injuries and accidents: lighting. For employees, personal headlamps and flashlights light the way in darker areas of the worksite, preventing possible injuries on uneven ground or where equipment may be lying around. OBBCO has flashlights and headlamps of all sizes and brightness, and we even carry lights to fit over helmets! These lights are specially designed for different weather conditions and spaces,...

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Your Spring Safety Checklist

Mar 23 2018

Warm weather is (hopefully) just around the corner, which means it's time to make the switch from heavier cold weather gear to springtime safety gear. If you have items in storage from last year, you'll want to check and make sure they are still safe to use, and maybe give them a good washing! If your gear isn't in the best shape or you have a new job position or location that requires different gear, now is the time to stock up. Here's what you'll need: High visibility gear: With spring showers, visibility can become difficult no matter what time...

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