Symptoms of Heat Distress + Tips for Prevention

May 22 2020

Though summer doesn’t officially begin until next month, temperatures are rising and in states like Virginia, add in a little humidity and you start dreaming of a cold glass of water or a dip in the pool. For those working outside at construction sites, shipyards or in large warehouses, the heat can quickly affect your body without warning - especially if you are focused on work. It may start with small symptoms you barely notice - a dry mouth, or a little headache. However, heat exhaustion and dehydration can quickly become severe, leading to fatigue, dizziness and nausea. If these symptoms...

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Keeping Our Essential Workers Safe

Apr 14 2020

Now more than ever, the safety of our essential workers is a top priority. While many of us are practicing social distancing and remaining at home, others working in construction, factories, utility companies and other critical industries are keeping our roads safe, our homes stocked and our communities powered. For the past month, hand-washing, proper surface sanitation and preventing the spread of germs has become an important safety focus. While these practices are certainly essential in helping prevent the spread of a major virus, we shouldn’t lose sight of these other critical safety procedures to keep employees safe, particularly as...

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Do You Have the Right Type of Fire Extinguisher?

Mar 12 2020 Tags: fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher safety, obbco safety

Safety doesn’t just mean having equipment, it means having the correct equipment. Especially when it comes to your fire extinguisher! 

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Keeping Your Rookies Safe

Feb 03 2020 Tags: news, safety culture, safety information, workplace safety

OBBCO put together a short list of ways to safely welcome new workers while making sure they’re still getting the job done right! 

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