Correctly Outfitting Your Workers

Sep 04 2019

Are you positive that you’re buying the correct gear? Determining your team’s safety needs means taking into account the situations they encounter, or are likely to. Here are examples that highlight how common it is to improperly outfit workers: 

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3 Tools to Keep Road Crews Safe

Aug 27 2019

Reckless driving is already a major issue on the roads and adding a construction site only introduces more risks. From 2013-2016, passing vehicles were the biggest cause of injury around roadside work sites, accounting for half of all worker fatalities. Now, as we approach the most dangerous months of the year for these workers, (September and October) the OBBCO Safety team wants to outline our best tools for their protection.  Roadside construction accidents occur due to two main reasons: low-visibility and minimal warning to drivers. With that in mind, there are three types of equipment that can overcome the obstacles....

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Staying First Aid Compliant

Jul 15 2019

What’s in your workplace first aid kit?  Expired ointments?  Tampered eyewash solution?  Missing mouth barriers?  As an employer or supervisor, you’re held liable if your workplace isn’t in compliance. That includes one of the most basic yet necessary requirements, a first aid kit. OSHA states that “adequate first aid supplies must be readily available.” Put simply, missing, expired or damaged items means you are in violation.  But what exactly does “adequate” mean? There’s countless kits available that state they’re “OSHA Certified” or “OSHA Approved.” In actuality, kits are site-specific. Just because it’s “Osha Approved” doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your...

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The Importance of Safety Culture

Jun 21 2019 Tags: safety culture, workplace safety

Highly regarded by all employees, especially by upper levels of management, safety culture helps prevent disaster.  

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