PresGlo Marking Flags

PresGlo Marking Flags

Brand: Presco Products


PresGlo Marking Flags

  • $80.42


Flags come in bright, bold colors for improved visibility and a long-lasting vivid shade. Wind and weather resistant for durability, flags are glued to staffs for a stronger hold. Uses include: utility, forestry, landscaping, and more. Flags are 2" x 3" with 21" wire staffs.

Models & UOM

Model Number: 2321B, 2321BG, BN2321BG, 2321G, 2321GG, BN2321GG, 2321OG, BN2321OG, 2321PG, BN2321PG, 2321R, 2321RG, BN2321RG, 2321W, BN2321W, 2321Y, 2321YG, BN2321YG, 2321O