Jackson™ V30 Nemesis™ VL Eyewear

Jackson™ V30 Nemesis™ VL Eyewear

Brand: Kimberly Clark Professional


Jackson™ V30 Nemesis™ VL Eyewear

  • $6.10


Frameless and lightweight, these glasses€™ compact size is ideal for smaller faces. Because there€™s no frame to get in the way, each pair has unhindered upper, lower, and peripheral vision. Slip-stop temples, for a comfortable fit, are included as is a neck cord to keep them close. Block 99.99% of harmful UV rays. Meet ANSI impact standards. Gunmetal temple.

Models & UOM

Model Number: 20470, 25704, 29112, 20471
Alternative Model Number: 3013536, 3013537, 3013538, 3013539, 3013540, 3013542, 3013544