BMP® 21 Mobile Label Printer Labels

BMP® 21 Mobile Label Printer Labels

Brand: Brady


BMP® 21 Mobile Label Printer Labels

  • $37.74


Labels fit BMP® 21, ID Pal, and LabPal™ printers. Choose nylon cloth, polyester, or vinyl labels as well as differing widths and lengths. All labels are black ribbon on white tape.

Models & UOM

Model Number: 110894, 110895, 110898, 142807, 110932
Nylon Cloth Properties:
Finish: Matte
Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic
Special Properties: High adhesion, Low profile
Environment: Autoclave, Freezer, Liquid Nitrogen
Surface: Highly Textured, Low Surface Energy, Powder Coated, Smooth, Textured/Rough
Vinyl Properties:
Finish: Matte
Adhesive: Acrylic
Special Properties: Various colors available
Environment: Freezer
Surface: Smooth, Textured/Rough