16-Piece Bodily Fluid Clean-Up Kit

16-Piece Bodily Fluid Clean-Up Kit

Brand: ACME


16-Piece Bodily Fluid Clean-Up Kit

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Bodily fluids are formidable opponents, especially somebody else€™s. That€™s why it€™s not a good idea to deal with them unprotected. To help maintain a healthy barrier when administering first aid or while working with, cleaning up, or disposing of biohazardous materials, we recommend this essential kit. 4 1/8"L x 7 1/2"H x 2 1/4"W. Contents subject to change without notice.

Models & UOM

Model Number: 214P
Pack Includes:
(1) Disposable Gown w/ Full Sleeves
(1) Eye Shield w/ Ear Loop Mask
(1) Fluid Control Solidifier Pack, 21 g
(1) 8" Biohazard Scoop
(1) 24" x 24" Biohazard Bag, 10 gal Capacity
(2) Twist Ties
(1) 8" x 12" Clear Plastic Bag
(2) 5" x 8" Germicidal Wipes, Covers 7 1/2 sq ft
(2) 5" x 8" Personal Antimicrobial Wipes
(1) Disposable Towel
(1) Exam-Quality Vinyl Gloves (Pair)
(1) Bodily Fluid Pick-Up Guide