Stock Up For 2018 Today

Dec 04 2017

As we prepare to go into 2018, it’s a great time to stock up on all your safety related items, especially if you find yourself with 2017 budget money to spend! Whether you need items to get you through the winter, or have future needs that you can stock up for now, here are some product areas we know most companies typically benefit from: Winter WearAs the temperatures start to drop, we’ve focused a lot more on cold weather items. When it’s freezing outside, a warm employee is an efficient (and safe) one! Whether it’s jackets, gloves, or footwear, take...

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Surprising Finds In Our Inventory That Make Great Gifts

Nov 01 2017

We spend a lot of time talking about safety, and giving customers ways to keep their employees and customers safe in any situation. But, as the holidays approach, we wanted to let you know about some quality items in our shop that make great gifts, especially for those who may be traveling this winter. 5-in-1 Lifesaver HammerThis life-saving device offers an airbag deflator, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, red LED flashlight, and emergency whistle. It also comes with a mounting kit and glow in the dark decal. It’s a great item for any loved one to keep in their car for...

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Take The Scare Out Of Industrial Jobs

Oct 03 2017

Unfortunately accidents happen on industrial job sites. OBBCO aims to lessen the opportunity for things to go wrong, by offering great safety products for all job types. Taking proper safety precautions from the beginning makes for a worry-free work environment for all involved! Appropriate SignageEmployees and contractors can often get sidetracked with a job at hand, and become careless. Placing reminder signs throughout the building or job site may save a life or a limb! Go through and be sure all exits and danger zones are properly marked today. If you’re not sure what signs are best for your business,...

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Storm Prep and Safety

Sep 06 2017

If you reside in the Hampton Roads area, you’re no stranger to hurricane season. We’ve all seen the empty shelves when a storm is on the way- which is why now is a great time to stock up on safety supplies for a worry-free storm season. As we discussed prior to Hurricane Matthew in October, there are many hazards that may be encountered following a hurricane. These include electrical hazards, carbon monoxide, fire, damage to trees. As we continue into hurricane season in our area, check your inventory on the following items: First Aid Supplies (click here) Carbon Monoxide Detectors...

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