Workplace Safety Resolutions for the New Year

Dec 18 2019

Most New Year's resolutions tend to center around personal well-being, like getting fit or setting goals to achieve professionally. However, very few take the time to determine how to improve safety in the workplace. By deciding to act on improving the safety of your workplace, it not only ensures personal safety but also makes the environment safe and ideal for others as well.

Here are some resolutions that focus on workplace safety for the New Year:

  1. Look back on the past year.

Blindly making resolutions without considering the previous year will only result in half-baked goals. Review the accidents of the year that just ended. Have there been any documented health hazards, product recalls or slips and falls while wearing popular equipment? Were safety training sufficient throughout the year or could they be improved? Use the happenings from the past year to decide what steps you need to take.

  1. Inspect personal safety equipment and gear.

The holiday season preceding the New Year is a great time to check safety gear and equipment. Does your safety vest still fit properly? Have your boots lost their non-skid ability? Do your team’s safety glasses still allow clear vision? Don’t skimp during these inspections. Ensure that all your own safety equipment and gear are in tip-top shape, additionally encourage your crew to do the same. This year, it’s out with the old, and in with the new.

  1. Know what’s ahead.

Accidents often occur when workers aren’t properly prepared. Being prepared is a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly practice. Make sure to leave for and show up to your sites with ample time to prepare for the day’s work. Prepare for your week every Sunday by making your lunches (to save time) and setting your PPE in a designated place, so you never forget a thing. Assess every month what went right and what needs improvement. Finally, use the next year’s calendar to project what obstacles you might encounter. Taking stock of that now, means you have time to order any necessary special equipment. 

If you’re not sure where to start or exactly what you are your team will need, the OBBCO team can help. Give us a call at 757-420-4000 to talk with our product experts about your work needs and their suggestions. We hope you have a safe and fun holiday season!

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