When To Use Eye Protection

Jun 24 2020

Eye protection like safety glasses and goggles are some of the top forms of PPE gear on the job. From high school chemistry classes to industrial job sites, they are essential for ensuring your eyes stay safe. Depending on the activity you are using them for, there are a variety of potential hazards where goggles and glasses can protect you. Curious about why you are required to wear them? Here are some of the most common reasons to use eye protection.

Protection from burns. Both chemicals and high temperatures have the ability to cause damage to your eyes. Wearing properly fitting goggles is the easiest way to insure chemicals, including both industrial chemicals and common cleaners, can’t enter your eyes. In some cases, like welding, it’s best to use full-face protection.

Protection from radiant energy. When dealing with high temperatures, heat isn’t the only concern. Radiant energy can also cause injury to eyes, and therefore you may be required to wear eye protection that also has filtering lenses.

Protection from objects. The most common eye risk on the job is the threat of object penetration or scraping. According to the CDC, “The majority of eye injuries result from small particles or objects striking or scraping the eye, such as: dust, cement chips, metal slivers, and wood chips.” However, if bigger objects like nails penetrate the eye, it can result in permanent loss of vision. Forgetting your eye protection for even a moment has large risks, especially if you are working with or near power tools.

Of course, every job site has their own guidelines for how much protection you need based on the tools you are using and OSHA requirements. Some may just require safety glasses, while others require full-face masks with filter lenses. When it comes to eye protection OBBCO has you covered with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Visit our online store to find out more about the eye and face protection we offer.

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