What Can Go Wrong If You’re Using the Wrong Equipment

Nov 15 2016

You may be buying the right gear, but you might be using the wrong equipment for the job at hand. Other times, it may not be what you wear, but how you wear it. When jobs require PPE or other safety gear, using the wrong item can be unnecessarily risky.
Here are just a few of the common examples we see with our customers that highlight the importance of always using the right safety equipment:

  • Hearing Protection – Your ear drums are protected because you’re wearing ear plugs, right? Not if the decibels reach a certain level, in which case you may be exposing your ears to serious damage. Ear muffs may be the better solution when ear plugs are not sufficient noise protection.

  • Proper Type of Glove – Gloves are designed with different uses in mind. They are rated for different elements and temperatures, as well as offering certain functions: chemical resistant, cut resistant, disposable, or for specific tasks, like welding.

  • Respirators and Masks – Not all masks and respirators protect against the same things. There are varying levels of protection against different environmental exposures, everything from lead-based paint to hazardous or toxic odors. Not all masks stop the same size particles, either. Knowing when to use a dust mask vs. a respirator (and using the right respirator cartridge) is key for worker safety.

By wearing the wrong safety gear or equipment for the task at hand, you may be protecting yourself from one danger, while exposing yourself to other risks. Each has their own use and performance objectives, and not all products will get the job done safely.
Other factors, such as improper fit or using an old or expiring product, are other common mistakes that may increase chance of injury.
We know there are tons of options out there on the market for any particular category of apparel or safety gear. If you ever feel overwhelmed or confused with your choices, OBBCO can help. We are experts at helping you find solutions for the work you and your team are doing.
OBBCO Safety & Supply is dedicated to keeping your employees safe. Come stop in our Chesapeake location or give us a call to discuss your specific safety needs.

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