Three Steps to Help Workers Beat the Heat

May 15 2019

Temperatures hit new highs every summer, making outdoor labor dangerous once again. Heat waves and droughts combined with high humidity puts outside workers, especially those performing heavy lifting or using protective clothing, at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your team and avoid injury. We suggest practicing prevention, implementing training, and providing all laborers with cooling equipment. Here’s how to do it:

Practice Prevention:
Establish a complete prevention program. Provide easily accessible water, rest and shade and enforce more frequent breaks as temperatures rise. Introduce acclimatization techniques into the routines of new and returning laborers, or at the beginning of a heat wave to acclimate employees to the new temperatures and prevent risky situations.

Invest in Cooling Products:  
Personal cooling products come as wearable gear, special supplements, sun shelters and fans or blowers. Access the heat levels and amount of exposure your team encounters to determine which tools are appropriate. OBBCO carries a range of heat-stress relief products that provide protection, from hard hat sun shades to electrolyte replacement drinks. Visit the heat stress relief area of our website to view specific items (

Workers often don’t fully protect themselves without an understanding of specific dangers, so implement training that creates a strong awareness of heat-related hazards. Teach workers to recognize early signs of heat stress before symptoms escalate, and prepare them with the steps to take if it gets worse.

Summer conditions are nothing to take lightly. OSHA reports 30 workers died from heat-related illnesses from 2017 to 2018. OBBCO helps protect the people in your field with products meant for specifically for their environments. Look online for our heat-stress equipment and order today to prepare for the heat. You can also call and speak with our customer service reps for specific suggestions.


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