The Right Shoe For The Job

Jul 13 2020

Your legs carry you where you need to go, and keeping them injury-free is important for staying safe and able to work. And since your legs are grounded by your feet, there’s no better place to start when it comes to lower-body protection. From restaurants requiring closed-toed shoes, to construction sites mandating steel-toed boots, wearing protective footwear means you can walk away injury-free even if a dangerous situation occurs. Here are a few of the protective footwear options OBBCO offers:

These boots keep your feet warm and dry in temperatures down to -60 degrees, but are also reinforced with a steel toe to protect feet against heavy objects. For jobs that require moving heavy objects in all weather conditions, the Artic Pro Muck Boots are the ultimate protection. 
If you already own a great pair of protective boots, but want to keep them in good condition to extend their lifetime after use in inclement weather, PVC overboots are the right choice. Save money by preventing water damage, holes from wear and mud build-up, all of which can lead to purchasing new boots every few months, by wearing a cover that is completely waterproof and slip-resistant.
Protective footwear doesn’t always mean you’re protecting just your feet. Products like the K1 Midsole Ice Cleat help prevent slipping in icy conditions. This product conveniently attaches to the shoes you’re already wearing, making it even easier to go from indoors to outdoors. 
When choosing protective footwear, always consider the risks associated with your job. Are you constantly lifting heavy objects, or working with chemicals that could splash or spill? Some footwear options are great for protecting you against falling materials, while others are made for working around hazardous liquids. Like any safety concern, always familiarize yourself with requirements specific to your jobsite and employer. 
With a wide variety of options on the market, we understand the daunting task of ensuring your team is prepared. The experts at OBBCO are able to help you find solutions for the jobs your team encounters. Stop by our Chesapeake location or give us a call and ask about your safety needs.

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