The Importance of Safety Culture

Jun 21 2019 Tags: safety culture, workplace safety

In the event of an emergency you must be able to trust both your team and equipment. But it isn’t always possible. Imagine you just got a position at a manufacturing or construction company and quickly realize the safety procedures are lacking. Your supervisor’s main goal is to finish projects as quickly as possible. Poorly trained coworkers forgo safety checks, worker morale is low and there is minimal equipment maintenance. How would that make you feel? Unfortunately, this environment is all too common.

Workplace-related disasters result from a breakdown of safety policies and procedures. A breakdown that typically stems from a stronger focus on profit than safety.  

 OSHA requires employers to have an emergency action plan that is current with safety regulations. But more than just having the plans, organizations should define safety responsibilities, institute accountability measures and make sure all employees work together to ensure implementation. That’s where safety culture comes in.

What Is Safety Culture:
Safety culture is an organization-wide approach to safety management. It’s the result of combined efforts toward instituting values and changing attitudes. Highly regarded by all employees, especially by upper levels of management, safety culture helps prevent disaster.  

How to Create Safety Culture: In accordance with OSHA, companies often use the TEAM Method to establish a safety culture:Training: Train all employees on the importance of safety and make it a daily focus.

Empowerment: Make sure everyone has the authority to say "no" to unsafe conditions. 

Action: Commit to taking all steps necessary to protect employees. Continuously strive to improve the safety program and make it a measurable performance goal for leaders and supervisors.
Motivation: Ensure the company's people are its top priority by incentivizing safety goals.

Changing your organization’s culture to one focused on safety is a process, not a single event. It begins with dedicated leaders working over a long period of time to change the focus of an organization.  

At OBBCO, safety is our priority. We help companies around the country provide the tools and resources needed to protect their best asset, their people. Visit us online or call us today to learn how we can help your team stay safe.  


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