The Importance of Good Lighting

Apr 11 2018

Many industrial jobs require work after sunset to fix power outages, repair roads, or work on projects to avoid diverting daytime traffic. One of the most important elements for a nighttime job is one that will prevent mistakes, injuries and accidents: lighting.

For employees, personal headlamps and flashlights light the way in darker areas of the worksite, preventing possible injuries on uneven ground or where equipment may be lying around. OBBCO has flashlights and headlamps of all sizes and brightness, and we even carry lights to fit over helmets! These lights are specially designed for different weather conditions and spaces, and have a long battery life for one less worry on the job.

For worksites, keeping areas where equipment is being used or plans are being referenced well-lit is the key to avoiding potential mistakes or miscommunication. If you’re on a roadside project, it also helps drivers be more aware of workers and potential hazards. Whether it’s a powerful lantern used to see blueprints or a water-resistant spotlight used for a larger area, we’ve got you covered!

For drivers moving around your worksite at night, all of the lights and equipment can become confusing, especially when normal routes are being redirected. For both driver and worker safety and to prevent potential damage to equipment, directing rerouted traffic using a safety wand is your best bet

Whether it’s the lighting to keep your worksite safe, or the batteries to power them, we’ve got what you’ll need. Don’t have time to visit our stocked retail store? OBBCO offers free delivery service to Hampton Roads customers, as well as, daily outgoing shipments of orders from several freight carriers. Give us a call today at (757) 420-4000 to be sure you're prepared for any workspace, day or night.

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