Take The Scare Out Of Industrial Jobs

Oct 03 2017

Unfortunately accidents happen on industrial job sites. OBBCO aims to lessen the opportunity for things to go wrong, by offering great safety products for all job types. Taking proper safety precautions from the beginning makes for a worry-free work environment for all involved!

Appropriate Signage
Employees and contractors can often get sidetracked with a job at hand, and become careless. Placing reminder signs throughout the building or job site may save a life or a limb! Go through and be sure all exits and danger zones are properly marked today. If you’re not sure what signs are best for your business, give us a call.  

Correct Clothing
If your employees aren’t wearing the correct apparel for the job at hand they may be in danger. This might be clothing for extreme heat, extreme cold, or simply high viz apparel. If you’re not clearly seen on a jobsite, you increase the chance of injury.

Proper Safety Equipment
Each task comes with its own dangers. For instance, fall safety items are essential, and offer peace of mind and save lives on the job. Or, if you’re working on a highway, we have the needed cones, barricades and highway safety kits. Whatever the job type, we’ve got the supplies to ensure your safety!

Well-Stocked Emergency Response Supplies
Always be sure your emergency response supplies are fully stocked. A first aid kit is only helpful if it has the items you need at any given time. Are your eye wash stations working, and ready to go? We often believe emergencies won’t happen, and we hope they won’t, but being prepared is essential.

OBBCO Safety & Supply offers an array of equipment and materials, as well as delivery and inventory management. We make it easy, so you can focus on your work. Give us a call today at 757.420.4000 to discuss your safety needs!

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