Surprising Finds In Our Inventory That Make Great Gifts

Nov 01 2017

We spend a lot of time talking about safety, and giving customers ways to keep their employees and customers safe in any situation. But, as the holidays approach, we wanted to let you know about some quality items in our shop that make great gifts, especially for those who may be traveling this winter.

5-in-1 Lifesaver Hammer
This life-saving device offers an airbag deflator, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, red LED flashlight, and emergency whistle. It also comes with a mounting kit and glow in the dark decal. It’s a great item for any loved one to keep in their car for any emergencies that may arise.

We hope you’ll never need it, but the 5-in-1 Lifesaver Hammer can offer peace of mind for anyone who drives a car. We never know what may happen, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Weekender First Aid Kit
Compact and easy to carry, the Weekender First Aid Kit contains products that cover most minor injuries. Wall-mountable and waterproof, it can be used in a variety of locations. It’s always a good idea to have basic first aid items on hand, whether traveling or hanging around the house.

Notebook Mobile Desk
As the world of technology has grown, so has the ability to work from anywhere. For that person in your life who basically lives and works out of their vehicle, we have the Notebook Mobile Desk. This desk offers a convenient writing surface, and fits over any 16” steering wheel. Be sure and remind them to ONLY use it when parked, though!

We have a variety of flashlights- another great gift for traveling, but also great to stock up on around the house for unforeseen power outages. We’ve got all sizes, from stocking stuffer to flood lights!

These are just a few gift items we have in our shop that you may not have known about. If you’re looking for something particular, we’d be happy to help you find it!  As usual, may you and yours stay safe as you head into the holidays! 

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