Storm Prep and Safety

Sep 06 2017

If you reside in the Hampton Roads area, you’re no stranger to hurricane season. We’ve all seen the empty shelves when a storm is on the way- which is why now is a great time to stock up on safety supplies for a worry-free storm season.

As we discussed prior to Hurricane Matthew in October, there are many hazards that may be encountered following a hurricane. These include electrical hazards, carbon monoxide, fire, damage to trees. As we continue into hurricane season in our area, check your inventory on the following items:

First Aid Supplies (click here)

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (click here)

Fall Safety Items for any tree removal work (click here)

Hard Hats (click here)

High Viz Gear (click here)

Gloves (click here)

Boots (click here)

Remember, OBBCO offers free delivery service to Hampton Roads customers. Give us a call today to get stocked up!

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