Stock Up For 2018 Today

Dec 04 2017

As we prepare to go into 2018, it’s a great time to stock up on all your safety related items, especially if you find yourself with 2017 budget money to spend! Whether you need items to get you through the winter, or have future needs that you can stock up for now, here are some product areas we know most companies typically benefit from:

Winter Wear
As the temperatures start to drop, we’ve focused a lot more on cold weather items. When it’s freezing outside, a warm employee is an efficient (and safe) one! Whether it’s jackets, gloves, or footwear, take a look through our online catalog today. You can also call us directly and discuss your needs with our product experts. We’re here to keep you safe from the elements this winter!

High-Viz Gear
Don’t underestimate the difference a simple high-viz vest can make to the safety of your employees. We live in a world full of distracted drivers, so let’s take steps to ensure employees are seen on the job! If your high-viz gear is lacking brightness, or you simply need to restock, we can help.

Protective Footwear
Whether you’re in need of welding foot protection, boots to weather the elements, or traction devices, we have what you need! If you don’t see the exact item you’re searching for on our site, give us a call to discuss. We have access to several manufacturers and can get you squared away.

We at OBBCO are grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to keeping you safe for years to come. May you have a Merry Christmas with those you love!

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