Removing The Fear From Industrial Jobs

Oct 21 2019

Industrial job sites are dangerous places to work. With so many risks, it's important to take precautions from the very beginning. Eliminate fear at your site with our safety team’s best tips.
Appropriate Signage: Don’t let employees or contractors get careless. Complacency is a big risk, especially on a job done frequently resulting in skipped steps and safety checks. It’s moments like those when accidents strike. Boost awareness by placing reminder signs throughout the site. That includes all exits, danger zones and heavy machinery. This practice can save a limb (or even a life).
Protective Clothing: Determine the type of apparel your team will need, before heading to the site. Do this by evaluating the major risks that are present and letting your crew know well in advance. That includes inclement weather, so be sure to check the forecast if the job is outside. Apparel is often graded in relation to the hazard level and choosing the proper amount of protection is imperative. OBBCO has apparel fit for extreme heat, extreme cold, adverse weather and more. If you’re not sure what you or your team needs, give us a call!
Proper Safety Equipment: Just as important as outfitting your team, is outfitting the job site itself. You wouldn’t send a worker twenty stories above the ground without the appropriate fall protection system, would you? It’s unheard of. That said, all safety gear is important, even if the perceived risk is low. If you’re working on the highway, in trenches or with flame, OBBCO has the supplies to ensure your site is the safest around!
Well-Stocked Emergency Response Supplies:  Everyone should fear an industrial site without the proper emergency supplies readily available. Always be sure your supplies are fully stocked and up to date. A first aid kit is only helpful if it has the unexpired items you need at any given time. In a previous blog post, we outlined how to determine what your first aid kit needs, with everything available for order from our online store. With all the above safety precautions in place, accidents will rarely happen, but it’s important to be prepared if they do. 

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