Power Washer Safety Tips

Aug 04 2017

As we move out of summer and into the cooler months, it’s a good time to get back to those outdoor home improvement projects you may have been putting off. This is the time of year a lot of us will get out the pressure washers and beautify those houses, driveways, and office buildings.

As you prepare for a job like this, keep in mind these safety tips:

Chemical burns are one of the most common things that go wrong with Pressure Washer use. Plan to use high quality goggles as well as chemical-resistant gloves to protect your skin and eyes. If using a gas pressure washer, earplugs will also be helpful in protecting your hearing for the future.    

Keep in mind your pressure washer is VERY powerful. Point the spray away from your body at all times. Protect your skin and feet by wearing closed toe shoes, ad well as long pants in case of accidental spray. Taking a few minutes to adequately prepare can save a lot of pain later.

When finished with the pressure washer turn it off, and release any pressure by squeezing the trigger. Be careful not to move it immediately as it may be very hot.

If you need Safety gear, OBBCO is just a click or call away. Contact us if you’re not sure which eye protection or gloves are right for you and your projects.

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