OBBCO: Continuing to Keep You Safe In 2017

Jul 07 2017

Every year OBBCO resolves to keep our customers safe by offering the highest quality safety products for homes and businesses. As we go into July, the halfway point of 2017, we want to take a moment to focus on areas of safety that typically have room for improvement.

Safety Response Training
The hope is that an emergency won’t come up, but when it does you’ll want your employees or family members to be prepared. When was the last time you reviewed the procedures for a fire or medical emergency?

A couple of quick things you can do are check to be sure all emergency numbers are up to date and easily accessible, as well as checking that fire extinguishers and eye-wash stations are in working order. Take a few moments to restock any items that have been used in your first aid kits, too.

This is an important part of safety: doing all you can to prevent an emergency from the get-go. Are you and your team wearing the correct high visibility clothing or protective suits when on the job? This is an easy way to keep yourself safe from others who may not see you, as well as chemicals that could be harmful to your skin or lungs.

Another area worth checking on is any equipment related to fall prevention. Make sure your harnesses and fall arresters are working properly now ,so they’ll do their job when a fall happens.

Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our commercial and industrial safety products and how we can keep your, your family, and your employees safe in just about any situation.

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