Let OBBCO Manage Your Inventory

Dec 29 2016

You and your team rely on a variety of equipment and materials on a regular basis. While the needs may vary day to day or by industry, there is nothing worse for your workers' safety than running out of a vital piece of safety equipment.

When you need the right pair of gloves, a face mask, reflective vest, hard hat, or respirator, you want to know that you have these items in stock. You won't always have the chance to catch a supply running low early enough to say, "We're running low on ____, we should place an order." Here at OBBCO we don't believe you should have to rely on that method.

OBBCO Safety & Supply can monitor your inventory to keep track of what you're using and replenish your supplies when you're running low.

What are the benefits to you of us managing your inventory?

  • Take advantage of contract pricing.
  • Never worry about running out of important items.
  • Always be prepared.
  • Have peace of mind knowing the right item will be ordered and delivered on time.
  • Save you and your team valuable productivity time!

Our local Hampton Roads and Southeastern Virginia customers appreciate these and other benefits by having us assist their business operations through inventory management. If you are outside the area, chances are we can still assist you with staying on top of your safety and supply needs. Simply call our Chesapeake office and talk with one of our Customer Service Specialists about your business today! 757-420-4000.

Don’t have time to visit our stocked retail store? OBBCO offers free delivery service to Hampton Roads customers, as well as, daily outgoing shipments of orders from several freight carriers. With an unbeatable delivery service and competitive prices, OBBCO is sure to get you the products you require at the prices you deserve.

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