Keeping Your Rookies Safe

Feb 03 2020 Tags: news, safety culture, safety information, workplace safety

Typically, labor and construction companies boost production when spring and summer arrive thanks to the seasonally longer and warmer days. That means, team leaders will soon start hiring new workers to perform the extra work. With more work and new employees, it’s a busy time! 

In the hurry of adding employees and introducing them to their new job sites, don’t forget the most important item every employee needs-safety training. The lack of experience in rookies means heightened risk for everyone at a jobsite. That’s why it’s so important to show them extra attention during their first weeks of employment. Even veteran tradespeople will not be familiar with your safety program, so be sure they are included.


To make the process a little bit easier, OBBCO put together a short list of ways to safely welcome new workers while making sure they’re still getting the job done as quickly as possible: 

  1. Recognize and reward new workers following proper safety protocols

Be on the look-out for new workers while they’re doing their jobs. Give them positive feedback when you see them following proper protocols, and encourage them to keep up the good work. This can be anything from a thumbs up to a material reward like a free lunch. Actions like these give the new worker more confidence in their newly assigned duties while also promoting safety standards at your company.

  1. Give them the proper equipment

New coworkers should be treated with special attention, especially when it comes to outfitting them with tools or gear. Often, they won't understand what they need at the site or how to fit themselves properly. Create a list of necessary items that aren’t supplied for them, because these will need to be found elsewhere. Check in with them over the first few weeks to ensure they have accumulated all necessary equipment and safety gear, and are using it properly.  

  1. Require in-house competency testing and schedule on-site observations

Even if in-house competency testing isn’t required by OSHA, make sure your new workers can demonstrate that they understand certain rules and safety protocols. To encourage studying, announce to new workers that they’ll be observed and scored while performing their tasks on certain dates.


The best way to keep your team safe is by making it easy to access the equipment they need. That’s where OBBCO comes in. Our multiple warehouses stock an extensive supply of products making us a one stop shop for new employees needing to completely outfit themselves or tenured workers in search of a hard-to-find product. Contact us today to discuss your current and future safety needs.

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