Five Tips to Encourage Worker Participation

Sep 07 2021

Health and safety are of the utmost importance on the jobsite. While employers can provide all of the equipment needed for a safe workplace, if employees don’t make safety a priority, injuries and accidents are likely to occur.

How do you make sure that your workers take safety seriously? Get their buy-in early on and continue to reinforce the importance of playing it safe on the job. Here’s how:

Clearly describe safety practices

As new employees come on a job, take the time to train them on the proper health and safety protocols. Provide written instructions, a demonstration and training as needed, and answer any questions. Review health and safety practices with all employees on a periodic basis.

Make information and training accessible to all.

Consider your workforce when providing information or planning health and safety training. Present information that can be understood by employees regardless of their language, education, or skill level. Hold training during regular work hours to encourage participation.

Solicit feedback on health and safety issues on the jobsite.

Encourage employees to report any new hazards or accidents to management. Provide positive reinforcement to those who share this information and take steps to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Empower employees to make on-the-spot decisions in unsafe situations.

Let your workers know that you trust their judgement and give them the authority to temporarily suspend work in a potentially dangerous situation. Make it known that management will not look poorly upon workers who put safety first.

Involve workers in the creation of health and safety guidelines.

Encouraging a sense of ownership among employees is a great way to get them to comply with health and safety practices. Have workers conduct site inspections, train new employees, and evaluate the health and safety practices. This will increase employees’ understanding of the health and safety rules and reinforce their importance.

At OBBCO, safety is our number one priority. To find everything you need to ensure health and safety on your jobsite, view our inventory online or give us a call today at (757) 420-4000.

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