Finding Opportunities To Be More Safe During National Safety Month

Jun 13 2017 Tags: safety information

June is National Safety Month, a time geared toward raising safety awareness in many different areas. According to the National Safety Council, the goal of this month is to “raise awareness of what it takes to Keep Each Other Safe.” Essentially, we want to reduce the things that lead to death and/or injury within our community.

At OBBCO, we specialize in keeping people safe. We offer the best products to prevent falls, shock, overheating, fire, chemical spills, the list goes on. This month, look around your home, your business, and even other companies and ask yourself if there are opportunities to be more safe.

A simple first step is to check the batteries in all smoke detectors. This quick and painless step could save a lot of heartache down the line! Another quick step is to review if safety signs are posted correctly in your business. We tend to move quickly through life, but a correctly posted safety warning can help people remember safety first with the task at hand, and in turn prevent injury.

On a large scale, check all equipment to be sure it is running correctly, and that employees are operating them in the safest possible manner. Take a few moments to go over any emergency response or safety plans within your organization. A refresher on these items may seem excessive, but in the event of an emergency may be prove to be life saving. And, remember, equipment that requires safety gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection should be clearly labeled.

When you need safety supplies or equipment, give OBBCO a call. Our experts can get you set up with just the right products to insure safety in the long and the short term.

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