Don't Get Left In the Dark

Aug 14 2020

Whether you’re working in a dark area like a crawl space during the daytime, or a dimly lit area at night, additional light sources can help lead the way, preventing accidents and mistakes, and helping your employees feel safer. This month, we want to highlight a few popular lighting products from trusted manufacturer Streamlight, that can help light the way on any jobsite:

The Waypoint Spotlight

This flashlight is a popular choice for its durability, and ability to keep a larger area well-lit from just one source. The waypoint features pistol grips and trigger switches, making it easy to point and shine a light on an exact spot, or use the integrated stand for hands-free lighting. IPX4-rated and water resistant, this spotlight is a great choice for outdoor projects in all weather conditions.

The Stinger Flashlight

This small but mighty rechargeable flashlight gets the job done with an 800 lumen long-range beam. However, it also features two other lower-light settings and a strobe to give the user more control over their lighting. The Stinger is a top-choice for your workers’ tool belts for long-term use.

The Strion Safety Wand

Sometimes, lighting is necessary to guide others, instead of yourself - especially during roadside construction. For drivers moving around your worksite at night, all of the lights and equipment can become confusing, especially when normal routes are being redirected. The Strion may be basic, but it makes controlling dangerous traffic around a jobsite easier and safer for workers.

Whether it’s the lighting to keep your worksite safe, or the batteries to power them, we’ve got what you’ll need. Check out the other great available options from Streamlight on our website. Don’t have time to visit our stocked retail store? OBBCO offers free delivery service to Hampton Roads customers, as well as daily outgoing order shipments with several freight carriers.

Give us a call today at (757) 420-4000 to be sure you're prepared for any workspace, day or night.

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