4 Scary Workplace Accidents, and How to Avoid Them

Oct 26 2020

October may be the month of spooky stories, but scary workplace accidents can happen year-round. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, it happens every seven seconds. Of course, these injuries range in severity, and happen across all different injuries - even in offices. Here are four of the most common workplace accidents:


Falls make up 33.5% of deaths in construction, and are incredibly common throughout all worksites that require ladders. One fall resulting in injury can keep a worker off of the job for weeks, or even months. Fall protection is also one of the top cited safety violations by OSHA. Make sure you always have proper fall protection available, place ladders in sturdy areas and pay attention to inclement weather.


Being struck by another object is also listed as one of OSHA’s “Fatal Fours,” and makes up over 26% of workplace injuries. Store heavy objects close to the ground, be aware of surroundings above you as you move throughout a worksite and always wear the correct protective headwear for the environment, job site and risks.


Exposure to harmful substances or environments can have lasting effects on the body. This includes chemicals, extreme heat, extreme cold and more. Often, these situations can be easily avoided by making sure you are wearing the right PPE - goggles, footwear, hand protection, protective clothing, and other items.


The most common workplace injury doesn’t involve a major accident, and may not sound scary at all. However, it can keep you off the job, and can be as simple as working too hard, or for too long! There’s no gear that can protect you from overexerting yourself, but you can wear heat stress relief items and drink replenishing fluids. Also, take frequent breaks if your job requires physical labor, stay hydrated and lift heavy objects correctly to avoid putting strain on your body.

It’s important to know what risks are associated with your job in particular, and how to prevent them. When you need gear to keep your team safe, OBBCO has you covered!

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